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Question 1
What are the tasks and functions of KADA in developing the national agricultural sector?
According to Section 4(1), Act 69, Kemubu Agriculutre Development Board 1972, KADA's main task is to:
1. Develop, encourage, assist and promote economic and social development  in the Kemubu region.
2. Plan and implement all agricultural development in the Kemubu region, in line with the state's goals.

KADA's main functions are:

1. Produce rice to the level of fulfilling national needs
2. Produce other food stuff to fulfill local demand and national needs
3. Raise the per capita income of farmer's families on par with the national per capita income
4. Encourage and develop downstream agro-based industries
5. Develop and strengthen the farming institution and protect farmer's families

Question 2
What is KADA's core business?
KADA's core business is mainly centered on rice production

Question 3
What is Ladang Merdeka or Independent Plantation?
Ladang Merdeka is a large scale commercial plantation management concept aimed at providing independence to its focus group, designing plantation sizes, and assisting in raising the income of its participants. The concept was introduced in 1991 involving 5 plantations with a combined area of 211.78 hectares. Until now, there were 16 plantations covering 747.11 hectares and involving 2,988 participants.

Question 4
How many Area Farmers Organization (PPK) under KADA's jurisdiction and the latest number of membership?
Total numbers of PPK under KADA are 13 which located in various district. Latest number of PPK memberships (as of 31st August 2011) are 39,091 whereby 27, 483 are man and 11, 608 are woman.


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